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Just as a warning i going to try to type as little as possible so i going to leave a lot of links. My Spell is horrible so bare with me.

The Setting is in Commorragh: Click Here For More Info
The main inhabits of the Commorragh is the Dark Eldar: Click Here For More Info

The setting is that an imperial battle group got suck into the web way and have to try to live as long as possible. Because the Imperum is zenopobic i ask to try avoiding zeno PC, tough it not imposable. Those it ok to be a closet worshiper of chaos.

Each None Tau, None Tyranid PC and NPC has chaos points. Chaos point accumulate when the gm say so if you fail a leadership test. You will get chaos points base on four category base OK the four dark Gods of Chaos. When you reach 0 chaos point you go insane and your pc will become and magically disappear. You start with 50 chaos points. At that point you will have to make a new pc.

Each Player will have 500 Points to Spend on a single non-name hq and 1-2 Troop choice. Cannot be in dedicated transport. You will also have 200 points to spend on a elite choice that is infantry type.

We will be using the warhammer 40k 7th edition for combat.

I am not going to enforce wysiwyg

Main Page

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